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Exercise for Mental Health

by Fran Dundee
Exercise for mental health " Fran Dundee Counselling Services Swindon

Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures

H.Jackson Brown, JR.

Making time to exercise has many benefits on the body and mind improving mood, releasing stress and increasing your feel good chemicals. A real mental health work-out. Exercise need not feel like an extra chore to do – Instead it can be half an hour or even 15 minutes of you time, a treat to yourself.

Setting yourself a mini challenge such as 10 press ups or squats to your favourite song in the morning can be a good way to start the connection of your mental and physical body. Yoga is an amazing exercise to help with that connection using your breathe to create strength and balance, there are many free lessons to try on YouTube.

What type of exercise do you enjoy and can become part of your self care?

Is it dancing, running, cycling, walking, gym, exercise classes, swimming, skipping, climbing, trampolining? Maybe something like rowing, tennis, squash, badminton or horse riding? Or just get outside in nature for a power walk.

Write a list of exercise options for you. What have you always wanted to try?