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Being in Nature

by Fran Dundee
Being outside in nature will benefit your mental health and wellbeing | Fran Dundee Counselling Services Swindon

At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again.

Mary Anne Radmacher

Being outside is scientifically proven to have personal benefit to health and wellbeing. 

Being in nature and noticing what is around you and being grateful for the time you have promotes becoming more mindful and aware. 

Ask yourself what can I see? clear blue skies, trees, insects, flowers, water. Focus on each thing individually for a few moments. What is it like to focus on the sky? What can I hear around me? What can I feel? Do you notice a cold chill, a warm wind, the rain on your skin? 

Allow yourself time to focus and observe your environment and notice all around you. Do you hear your footsteps beneath you and notice the way your body moves as you walk? 

Write about it in a notebook or laptop and describe the experience and how it made you feel answering the questions you asked yourself during the walk. Notice what happened as a result of recording your thoughts, feelings and observations.

Collect an interesting leaf or stone and add it to your self care kit.

Being mindful means being present in the here and now and not preoccupied with past, future or worries you can do nothing about. 

Start with the exercise above and I can offer many other ways to learn to be present in the here and now.